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About LAL Division

LAL productPYROSTAR™ ES-F, our formulation of Limulus Amebocyte Lysate, is unlike any other LAL product available in the market today. Our reagent is designed for the specific determination of gram negative bacterial endotoxins, without interference from the presence of beta glucans, and has the unique capability to be used in either quantitative turbidimetric (KTA) or qualitative gel-clot test methodologies

Brief Company History:

Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd. of Japan; a company world renowned for its high purity chemicals.

Wako Chemicals USA, Inc.Since the establishment of our first satellite office in Dallas, TX (1981), to the construction of our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Richmond, VA (1989), Wako Chemicals USA has strived to provide customers in all scientific disciplines with products of the utmost quality and dependability. Our management and quality philosophy reads “We serve the public well-being by contributing to the development of scientific technologies and the progress of academic research". This statement supports our dedication to the highest level of product quality and customer satisfaction.

Our company strives to fulfill its social obligations to both its employees and community while providing products that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements; consistently aiming to create a company whose products are trusted by our customers worldwide. Today, Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. consists of the following divisions: Specialty Chemicals, Clinical Diagnostics, Laboratory Reagents, Automation, and LAL, all which strive to maintain excellence in product quality, customer service, and customer satisfaction.