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New Products

FUJIFILM Wako is pleased to present these new products to our Laboratory Chemicals line. To learn more, or to talk to a representative about ordering, please call 877-714-1920 (toll free within the USA and Canada) or 804-714-1920 (outside of the USA and Canada). Please use the contact page and select Laboratory Chemicals to email us.

Read about our product lines and new products in the Wako Product Update or search through the Online Catalog:




Product information sheets for some of our most popular products are available for download.


To complement the many Wako products that we provide, we now distribute products from the following companies in the USA:


MagCapture™ Exosome Isolation Kit Ps 

Wako has developed an exosome isolation kit using a novel affinity molecule. High yield, high purity exosomes can be isolated by PS affinity method. Exosomes can be recovered from culture media containing FBS.

Benefits Include:

PA tag

PA tag is a novel protein tagging system using a high affinity monoclonal antibody (NZ-1) against a peptide tag (GVAMPGAEDDVV). Monoclonal antibody (NZ-1) has high affinity and high specificity against PA tag fusion proteins and is applicable to Immunocytochemistry (ICC), Western blotting and flow cytometry. In addition, purification of PA tag fusion protein by IP and regeneration of beads are available.

Benefits Include:

Y-27632: ROCK-inhibitor

Y-27632 is a highly potent cell-permeable inhibitor of Rho-associated coil forming protein kinases (ROCK). The Rho/ROCK pathway is critical in modulating smooth muscle contraction by inhibiting Ca2+ sensitization and is of particular interest in tumor metastasis, immunoactivation, and cell adhesion and motility. It has also been shown to improve colony formation activity in many cell types after cryopreservation.

Benefits Include:

Recombinant Lectins: rBC2LCN

Wako is the provider of several high quality lectin solutions for glycobiology research. Included in this collection is recombinant BC2LCN (AiLecS1) for research of human induced pluripotent stem cells. This is a valuable tool for stem cell and regenerative medicine research as it is an effective and specific marker of undifferentiated cells. Conventional lectins, including rABA and rSRL are also available for all of your glycomic research needs.




Evrogen is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. The products lines consist of a variety of novel products for cell and molecular biology, such as a Fluorescent Proteins, Antibodies against Fluorescent Proteins, Duplex-Specific Nuclease based products and cDNA Normalization Kits.

Innovex Biosciences