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Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd. of Japan. Wako Pure Chemicals Industries, Ltd., worldly renowned for its high purity chemicals, established Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. to expand its presence in the United States. The first US operations opened in 1981.

Our Mission
Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. strives to assure our customers' and vendors' success through:

  Integrating our international cultural attributes
  Supplying unique and innovative quality products
  Committing to safety, employee effectiveness, the highest level of integrity and a strong sense of public responsibility

Our History
A brief history of Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. is presented below.
  1981 Wako established a wholly owned subsidiary, Wako Chemicals GmbH, in Germany in 1974 as its first overseas base of the international business. Expanding Wako's diverse international activities, Wako founded the second overseas subsidiary, Wako Chemicals USA, Inc., as the first US sales office in Dallas, Texas, in 1981. Wako's three lines of products, laboratory chemicals, specialty chemicals, and diagnostic reagents, imported from Japan were marketed in North and South America through Wako Chemicals USA.
  1989 As the demand for one of our specialty chemicals, the V-50 polymerization initiator, increased, Wako decided to build a manufacturing plant in the USA in order to strategically supply the V-50 initiator to our customers internationally. Wako selected Richmond, Virginia, as the site for the first US production plant. While the plant construction was still underway, Wako Chemicals USA closed the Dallas office and relocated to Richmond in 1989.
  1990 The production plant was built and started manufacturing V-50 in 1990. The V-50, 2,2'-azobis(2-amidinopropane) dihydrochloride, is an azo initiator used in radical polymerization, one application of which is a production of polyacrylic acid, a superabsorbent polymer. Since then, Wako Chemicals USA has been supplying the V-50 initiator to superabsorbent polymer manufacturers not only in the USA, but also internationally, including Europe and Japan.
  1996 Wako is a worldwide supplier of laboratory chemicals. Before 1996, Wako's manufacturing sites for laboratory chemicals were only in Japan. Taking advantage of its location in the USA, where many advanced science technologies are developed, Wako Chemicals USA expanded the plant operations to include laboratory chemicals, especially biochemical reagents.

Electronic chemicals are one of product lines in Wako's specialty chemicals. Wako's ultra pure hydrogen peroxide, HIRINPER, is a cleaning solution used for the removal of contaminants and impurities from the surface of silicon wafers. As the semiconductor industry grew in the USA, Wako's stable supply of the cleaning solution was required as it was proved to effectively clean the semiconductor surface. The new plant for the production of HIRINPER was built in 1998.

  2002 Wako Chemicals USA acquired the LAL business of Haemachem, Inc. located in St. Louis, MO in February 2002. It has been incorporated into the organization as the Haemachem Division. Limulus amebocyte lysate, LAL, is a reagent to detect bacterial endotoxins, of which the major application is one of the release tests in the pharmaceutical industry. The merger of Haemachem and Wako's expertise will form a strong strategic alliance in the LAL business.
  2002 Construction completed for a new Specialty Chemicals' photographic intermediates production facility, the expansion of the warehouse, and the new lab building.
  2006 The Haemachem Division was renamed as the LAL Division. Construction of the new LAL laboratory was completed and some operations were relocated from St. Louis, MO to Richmond, VA.
  2008 The LAL Division moved all operations from St. Louis, MO to Richmond, VA


Wako Locations Around the World

Wako Chemicals USA, Inc.
1600 Bellwood Road
Richmond, VA 23237-1326
Main Office Number: 804-271-7677, toll free 1-800-992-9256
Direct Dial to Diagnostics: toll free 877-714-1924
Direct Dial to Laboratory Chemicals: toll free 877-714-1920
Direct Dial to Specialty Chemicals: 804-714-1912
Direct Dial to LAL: 804-714-1974
Fax: 804-271-7791
Please use the contact page to email us.
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Laboratory Chemicals - Los Angeles Sales Office
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Laboratory Chemicals - Boston Sales Office
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Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.
1-2, Doshomachi 3-Chome,
Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-8605
Telephone: +81-6-6203-3741
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Wako Chemicals GmbH
Fuggerstraße 12, D-41468 Neuss
Telephone: +49-2131-311-0
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